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domains table

domain 1 year 2 year renew transfer
.com ₹750.00 ₹750.00 ₹750.00 ₹750.00 buy
.in ₹550.00 ₹550.00 ₹550.00 ₹550.00 buy
.org ₹700.00 ₹1050.00 ₹1050.00 ₹1050.00 buy
.net ₹900.00 ₹900.00 ₹900.00 ₹900.00 buy ₹445.00 ₹445.00 ₹445.00 ₹445.00 buy ₹445.00 ₹445.00 ₹445.00 ₹445.00 buy ₹650.00 ₹650.00 ₹650.00 ₹650.00 buy ₹445.00 ₹445.00 ₹445.00 ₹445.00 buy
.download ₹500.00 ₹500.00 ₹500.00 ₹500.00 buy ₹445.00 ₹445.00 ₹445.00 ₹445.00 buy
.company ₹725.00 ₹725.00 ₹725.00 ₹725.00 buy
.date ₹500.00 ₹500.00 ₹500.00 ₹500.00 buy
.club ₹800.00 ₹800.00 ₹800.00 ₹800.00 buy
.business ₹725.00 ₹725.00 ₹725.00 ₹725.00 buy
.bid ₹500.00 ₹500.00 ₹500.00 ₹500.00 buy
.cloud ₹600.00 ₹800.00 ₹800.00 ₹800.00 buy

Frequently asked questions.

It is more SIMPLE than you can Imagine. Choose a Domain of your choice, select a Web Hosting Package as per your Requirement, make the Payment and you are all set to Go! We shall approve your order as soon as we receive payment. It hardly takes 5 Minutes during Working Hour. Any Order placed after working hours shall be processed on next day during working hours.
Reseller Hosting is a Passive Income Business where you sell Web Hosting to your Clients with your Custom NameServers and Custom Packages. You set all price of your choice for your packages. We take a max of 30 Mins during working hours to set up the Reseller Hosting Account after we receive your order. Any Order placed after working hours shall be processes on next day during working hours.
Wow! sounds great. Well we buy the same from Godaddy in offer for you. This domain is Valid for One Year, post which you need to renew the same from Godaddy or Transfer the Domain to us at a very affordable Price.